Don’t workout cold!

“Our warm-up is your workout!”Cliche’, yes, but true at CF.Warm up:10 laps (Jog, high skip, butt kick, carioca, side squat, run/punch, bear crawl, star jump)20 B&T Jumps20 Locomotives20 Flutter Kicks15 Push Ups40 JJ(all 3-count) Circuit (2 rounds, 30-45 sec./exercise)Toe TapJumping PUKTETire FlipBeck’s BurpeeDipsLungeL-Sit UpLow crawlMonkey SquatQuick StepBox Jump


Elbows up!

This is the reference to the “elbows up” or “elbows in” statements from last workout with the Thrusters.Notice the weight back on the shoulders and elbows pointing out. Now, forget about the strength here (yeah, she’s cut up)…this is about Flexibility. Next time you’re at CF, grab a bar and try to achieve this position.… Continue reading »


What’s next?

Can you contain the excitement? March 8 10 am: KB March Madness (will it live up to Bloody Valentine? doubtful! but it should be fun!) March 15 10am: St. Patty’s Day Workout March 22 10am-noon: CF Open House (this Open House is free and open to everyone)If you are new and just starting, come on… Continue reading »


Give the gift of fatigue

Why give roses or chocolates, when you can give a “Bloody KB” workout for Valentine’s. Well, well…better late than never. First, huge props to all those who finished…it was long and it was brutal (as advertised)…these folks totally got their endurance on! Plenty of highlights…mfg running 8 miles beforehand, Johnny cussin’ everyone out as “fools,”… Continue reading »


It’s up!

First, tomorrow is My Bloody Kettlebell…5 bowel-wrenching sets of KB, bodyweight, and running! See you there! Now, the pull-up system is up…and it’s awesome…but it needs a name. Post your name suggestions to comments. Seeing as it looks like an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back…I vote for “Lord Vader.” Then we can… Continue reading »


Sunday Feb. 22

Yes, yes…Feb. 22 is Washington’s Birthday. But we’ll celebrate it with the postponed Valentine’s workout, “My Bloody Kettlebell.” It’s long and brutal. Bring your outdoor running gear and a sandwich. Sunday, Feb. 22, 10am


When’s the Beginner Class?

Chris sent this in an email.Dag, I ran a 400 for punishment just from watchin’ it! Group Fitness…when in an Advanced class, at least act Advanced.


Don’t go breakin’ my heart!

This Valentine’s Day, CF hopes you don’t suffer a broken heart, spurned by the one you love. Your dreams of commitment dashed against the rocks of unrequited passion….oh, sorry…. Instead, hopefully the only heart-wrenching that you’ll experience will be from a tryst with a High Intensity Heart Rate Circuit. Heart rate is where the action… Continue reading »



Sunday Feb. 15th My Bloody Kettlebell is postponed.The new pull-up bar system is being installed along with some mat re-organization. Rescheduled for Feb. 22nd 10am! Instead of Valentine’s, it’ll be Washington’s Birthday? Any clever KB sayings for that?!


Oh, the controversy!

Doesn’t it make your head spin? No one, and I mean, no one can give you the straight goods on “stretching” (the hows and whens). One of the only solid findings is that stretching before exercise makes no difference in performance and may increase probability of injury (read here for some summaries of why). Other… Continue reading »

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