5-on-a-side shoelace…oh the irony!

A: Curls, JJ2BT, MB Clean/Lunge, FrogLeg Crunch, Crssvr Abs
B: StepoverLunge, Crunch/Lsit, LegRaise, DB Raise, Lumberjacks
Ladder, Bear Crawl Transitions

(Where are they going?)


  1. Wakinyan4 says:

    I never saw a shoelace I didn’t like, until I broke one…broken shoelace = where are they going? = run 2-laps….;) Apology accepted; many thanks to those who man’ed or woman’ed up, that was a respectful act that shows character!

  2. matt says:

    Wishin’ it was shoestring licorice!

    JJ: I was just thinking the same thing (like a vulcan mind-meld). Isn’t it remarkable that we go, and we don’t stop?! People just keep chugging away. Shows character and the power of the situational group energy…and maybe fear that 800m will turn into 8mins of burpees!

  3. Scott says:

    If only we could get the shoelace workout tied tight! James and I looked at each other at one point acknowledging silently that we didn’t think we were where we belonged. Went with it anyway thinking we’d slip by….WRONG! I have to admit that I loved the run and miss not being outside more, there! I said it and I’d f ‘up again just to run.
    Thank you sir, may I have another!

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