Transition Edition

1) ACP, Box JJs, MB Twist (low crawl)
2) Plankknee, Jack Webbs, Beck’s Burpee (high knee)
3) Neg Dbl Pulls, Bic Crunch, OHMB Lunge (parkour bc)
4) DB Swing/Tri, Dyn V, Crssvr Lunge (star jump)
(all 4 transitions between exercises)


  1. Wakinyan4 says:

    There are those moments in time that transcend your current reality, when you get this searing intense white-hot pain thru your temples and the world around you suddenly comes down to a simple choice…loose control or take a deep breath and count to 10…I had one of those moments last night…and for those of you who know me best, you know that is growth, because I choose to count…Steven, if you are reading this blog, pay attention….When someone asks you multiple times whether or not you understand what is required of you answer honestly, don’t wait till we are hearing “30 seconds starts now” for the 3,000th time before you come to terms with the fact that you don’t have a clue! Get it together, if not for yourself, then for the sanity of the rest of us………The Electro-Shock Therapy must be working, I’m becoming politically correct….ARRGHHHH…UGGHHH…GRRRRRRR…..!!!!

  2. matt says:

    I don’t know about all of that…but am inclined to agree that only at CF would head-in-hands-uncontrollable-weeping be called “progress.”

    You’re doing great, Livewrong….you’re “sailing”!

  3. Wakinyan4 says:

    MD……ROF LMFAO…….!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    I am sailing, I’m sailing……..hahahaha!!! Luv it!!!

  4. scott says:

    sailing on the “Ship of Phools”!

    The human race was dyin’ out
    Noone left to scream and shout
    People walking on the moon
    Smog will get you pretty soon

    Everyone was hanging out
    Hanging up and hanging down
    Hanging in and holding fast
    Hope our little world will last

    Yeah, along came Mr. Goodtrips
    Looking for a new a ship
    Come on, people better climb on board
    Come on, baby, now we’re going home
    Ship of phools, ship of phools

  5. Wakinyan4 says:

    One of my favorite quotes is “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformance. Even dead fish go with the flow…” Some of you folks have asked me why I take the stance that I take on this blog. I would like to tell you all why. Everywhere in our society there is an extreme lack of self-accountability. I see it everyday in all aspects of my life. I was taught by a very wise person this simple lesson…”Everyday courage.” What that means is you stand up and accept responsibility for your actions, you call out others when they are not being accountable, you give praise when it is earned and you stand tall for what you believe in, a warriors code, so to speak. By doing this you earn respect for yourself and you also give respect to those who have earned it. Every time we let things slide we enable others to give less than their best. If we can’t entertain this idea at the most basic of levels how can we expect it at the level of our work environment, from our local or state government, from our federal government??? Change starts with the individual, I tend to surround myself with folks who will call me on my shit when required. Accountability is essential for growth, if we can’t grow as people, as a community, as a society, then what hope is there for us as human beings. Maybe this is just a small step towards real freedom, maybe you all think or believe that I’m just some idiot vying for attention, that’s okay, but at the end of the day when I look in the mirror I know I gave it my best shot, that I tried to live by a code of honor, that my word was true and that when I spoke, I spoke from my heart! We all can do better, we can never be perfect, but if we accept complacency as an acceptable alternative to self-accountability, then we all lost a big part of our own humanity……Mitaukye O’yasin…..JJ

  6. matt says:

    First, I doubt anyone thinks anything of you other than the truth…you are an honest, genuine soul.

    Next, it sounds like you are emphasizing the issue of Respect. That if people care so much about CF and use it for their fitness program, then they should at least give it enough thought and energy to remember the various formats from week-to-week and the many exercises from round-to-round. By not making that simplest of investments, people disRespectful CF, the group, and everything we are trying to do there. Am I anywhere near what you are expressing?

    1. Wakinyan4 says:

      MD..Yes I believe that is exactly what I was trying say, in my round-a-bout way!!!

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