Sunday CF: What’s that sign say?

No bare feet?
What’s THAT sign say?

With the weather turning, the holiday quickly approaching, and the general increased interest in CF workouts, classes are continuing to attract more and more folks. So it may be a good time to review policies (see Class Info link in header bar for more).

1) If you can’t arrive on time, then get there early.
2) Children must stay in the carpeted area by the table.
3) New folks are advised to attend Beginner classes prior to jumping into Advanced formats (with Advanced exercises and expectations).
4) Teens 13 and up may attend an appropriate level class with an adult. Older teens may attend alone (if they have demonstrated proficiency with the exercises and workout formats).
5) CF is group conditioning, not personal training, modify/substitute/step-out as needed. Be responsible for yourself, accountable to the group.

CF offers high intensity workouts which mostly include ballistic, full-body, explosive, powerful exercises challenging all aspects of athleticism (see pic, what else would we expect walking through those doors?).

All in all…be nice.


  1. Scott Davis says:

    All true but the people who should know the above info don’t tune into the blog.

  2. Wakinyan4 says:

    Some musings as we roll on towards the end of another year:

    1. We have seen a lot of growth over the past year at CF and it’s been great to meet and workout with an ever growing diverse group of people.

    2. Gotta give a shout out to Matt D for his tireless and selfless efforts to post to this blog most everyday of the year, it gives us a place to communicate and stay abreast of all the lastest happenings at CF and also let’s folks know of some of the other diverse happenings among all the Phreaks!!! It’s also a great place to experience some of the wit and humor that make it so much fun to be a part of CF!!

    3. Scott, good point above about folks who read the blog (or don’t read the blog), maybe Chris can start to mention at classes that it might be a good idea to at least check in with the blog several times a week to see what people are saying and what is coming up and going on. Or maybe he can print it out everyday and post it on the whiteboard by the check-in station!! Maybe some folks will stop and read it!!

    4. It’s a good time of the year to give thanks, and I believe we all have a lot to be thankful for, among them is to have this place to come to workout and be pushed past what we think we can do. CF philosophy also dictates that we be responsible for ourselves and to each other, it starts with self-accountability. We all have days where sh!t just happens, but please follow the rules and regulations, they are there for a reason.

    6. Be honest with yourself, and if you are not sure of something or really not prepared to participate in an advanced class, it’s better to get the basics down before you jump into an advanced class atmosphere. This is a high-intensity, explosive, chaos-out-of-order environment, and the potential for injury increases dramatically if not mentally and physically prepared. Keep the ego in-check and be honest with yourself!!

    7. There have been a lot of great events this year and a lot of folks have selflessly donated a lot of their time to make this the great place that it is; events like the GTN Triathalon, ToughMudder, HeroWeeks, CF Challenge, etc., etc. As next year approaches consider volunteering some of your time to make CF an even bigger and better place for all us PHREAKS!! (Phreaks need love too!!!) HAH!!

    8. Last but not least, gotta give a shout-out to the Commander who provides us a place to make all this happen, and for his tireless efforts to push us past our pre-conceived mental boundaries to help make us all better people in so many ways, Thanks Chris!!!

    See you all around the gym soon!!! You PHREAKS!!!

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