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Corps Fitness and the IM ABLE Foundation have teamed up to provide an inclusive fitness facility that allows people of all abilities to work out in the same motivating and encouraging environment as the able bodied participants. Having someone with a disability, either temporary or permanent, workout in this fashion exemplifies our philosophy, NO EXCUSES…JUST MOVE!!! If you have a permanent or temporary setback please let us know and we will design a workout that will challenge your “abilities”.

The concept of the IM ABLE Inclusive Fitness program comes from the experiences of Chris Kaag the founder of the foundation and his work with people with disabilities.

IM ABLE Inclusive Fitness Grants

IM ABLE Inclusive Fitness Grants are awarded to individuals who are looking to take part in the fitness programs offered at our facilities but may be limited by finances. Our purpose is to unleash the potential in physically challenged children and adults to be more active and to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness.
For more information please visit the IM ABLE Website.

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For questions or for more information about available programs and rates please contact Catharine at [email protected].


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Class Information

Contact: Catherine
Certificate: Professional Instructors