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Corps Fitness is based on the experiences of founder, Marine Corps Sgt Chris Kaag. We are now designated as the Official Training Facility of Recruiting Substation Reading. We host groups of poolees, young men and women who have joined the Marine Corps and are getting ready to leave for the life changing 3 months of boot camp at Parris Island, SC, for a CF style workout!

Bootcamp is not just a physical challenge but also emotional and psychological. The Marine Corps trains to combat all of these challenges and produce individuals who are able to overcome any challenge and be leaders. Corps Fitness runs the same way and it is an honor to be able to train these hopeful young future Marines.

They did not EARN the title yet but they are making the preparations to make that happen! A huge thank you to all of the active duty Marines and CF’ers for adding to the motivation during these sessions!

**This and all programs associated with readying young people for the rigors of boot camp for any service is through the generosity of Alecia Pagerly as a tribute to the legacy of her late husband and our friend Kyle Pagerly




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Chris Kaag
Founder/Adaptive Training Academy Certified

I went into the Marine Corps right out of high school as an overweight football...


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