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**New class will be forming March 2007**

Corps Fitness is now offering a new 4-week Basic Training Course targeted to those individuals who have the desire and determination to realize their true physical potential.

Corps Fitness presents a motivational and exciting how-to-approach to staying in shape that incorporates basic exercises that anyone can do, no matter what your level of fitness or experience may be.

Do not get this confused with the widely used “bootcamp” style classes that are offered in local gyms that are usually taught by someone who was never in the military. I am a former Marine Sergeant and Corps Fitness is as close to the real thing you can get. Every day will offer different challenges and will include the same exercises, style and delivery as you would experience in Marine Corps basic training. You will start as a platoon and finish as a platoon. Do not be discouraged by the reputation the idea of bootcamp has generated as I will instruct in an encouraging yet determined manner. This class not only challenges you physically but mentally as well. There is a common theme for anyone who has gone through basic training…you have a lot more to give! There is no room for excuses and personal accountability is paramount. You not only have to come to better yourself but to better your team as well. By working in a team environment and being pushed beyond what you thought you could are you able to truly realize what you are capable of. Let Corps Fitness help you realize your potential.

If you are looking to bring your fitness regimen to a whole different level and want to know more about this exciting
program, see the sign up details below, use our contact form, or contact Chris Kaag at 610.413.9795.


Corps fitness basic training:
$205 (17 classes total)
Includes pre-training familiarization class, weight, measurements, body fat, and initial physical fitness test.

“Motivate a friend” program:
Sign up with a friend and pay only $190/ea That's a savings of $15 per person.  

Please contact for group rates and current military discounts

Prior to attending Corps Fitness, all participants must download and fill out the two forms on the right. Bring the completed forms to your first class. Both will be kept in strict confidence.

Medical Questionnaire
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Participant Waiver
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