Here’s a good Mark’s Daily Apple post on reasons not to trust the latest nutritional study.

A few highlights:
Who paid for the study… “An earlier analysis of milk, soda, and fruit juice nutrition studies found that those sponsored by milk, soda, and juice companies were far more likely to report favorable results than independent studies.”

Correlation and causation…Guns and Butter! “Correlations provoke interesting hypotheses and tests of those hypotheses, but they’re very often spurious. Everything we eat is associated with cancer if we look hard enough. Does that actually tell us anything useful?”

Statistical significance vs practical significance… “‘The association between fat and type 2 diabetes is unlikely to be a coincidence.’ It says nothing about the size of the association. It doesn’t mean eating fat doubles your chance of getting type 2 diabetes. The clinical significance—the biological effect—is very likely trivial.”

And a reminder about a previous post about why we believe what we do.

Really it all comes down to using your own brain, thinking critically, forming your own beliefs, and practicing moderation.

RESTART® 5 Week Detox 
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  • Week 1:How to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox
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  • Week 3:What sugar really does in your body
  • Week 4:The truth about FATS
  • Week 5:How to move forward and celebrate your success!
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Diggin’ back in the archives for this one.  As spring approaches, think fresh!  Fresh food, fresh air, fresh perspective.  Maybe some fresh comments?  Did you know comments are back?  Happy Wednesday, CFers!

From “FOODIE BRAIN DUMP” MAY 30, 2014:

If we’ve said it one, we’ve said it a thousand times… Fat DOESN’T make you fat!!!  There have been several contradictory health / nutrition studies in the past few decades, serving to do nothing more than confuse the $@&% out of everybody…  Leading to people just throwing in the towel and doing whatever they want to because “blah, blah, blah.  Nobody knows anything anyway…”

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve learned through our CF food challenges of the past:

It’s hard.  Yep, it can be.  Let’s move on.

Insulin spikes = bad.  Keep that blood sugar steady and avoid the constant highs and lows associated with quick sugar rushes (and subsequent crashes, leaving you craving more).

Watch for the hidden sugar.  It’s everywhere!  Vitamin water?  Not so much…  Low fat?  High sugar…  New and improved?  Doubtful…

Go clean and natural.  It’s hard to hide additives in a head of lettuce or a carrot (though not impossible, and surely food companies are working on it at this very moment).  Go natural / locally grown / non-processed / clean food!  Know where your food comes from.

Or go organic.  If you want to, it’s probably a great idea.  But still know where it comes from!  Did that organic, grass fed steak travel from Australia or Uruguay?  …and how does it only cost $7.00?  …and where do I get that plane ticket?

Or grow your own!  What better way to reconnect with the earth and feel that much more self-sufficient than by digging in the dirt and watching food grow straight out of the ground?!?

Start small.  Substitute fruit for candy, replace a soda with water, sub salad for fries at the restaurant.  Sure, it’ll seem different at first, but is different inherently bad?  I think not.

Don’t do it because everyone else is.  Educate yourself about the hows and whys of dietary changes.  You’ll understand what’s going on with your body and be more motivated to step away from the bad stuff…

It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle.  “Diet” has become a dirty little word with temporary connotations.  Avoid the hype and make the change.

Figure out what works for you.  What works for someone else may not be your cup of tea, and that’s ok.  Figure out what works for you (it may take weeks / months to figure out) and tweak it until it’s just right.  Don’t make excuses and don’t give up.  Just figure it out!

But if this is all a little overwhelming, just consider: everything in moderation!  There’s nothing wrong with an occasional meal out or sweet treat from the store.  Just don’t do it all the time.  And chances are, if you’re eating clean, you’ll really notice the negative effects of putting junk into your body and be that much more likely avoid it the next time.

-G Kaag


A few great articles on nutrition from Breaking Muscle.  If you haven’t checked out this site, it’s always got a ton of great information and thought-provoking articles!

Good vs Evil: Food is not a competition
“If you feel like you are on a diet, you are, and you will fall off. Eat foods you enjoy so you won’t feel deprived. Make a huge list of foods that you love. Forget the healthy or not thing, and just write them down. Then consider how you can include them in your menus and still be aligned with your health objectives.”
-Mark Halpern, RD, Breaking Muscle

What people eat is none of your business
“If you have found that adhering to a particular testament in your diet has worked wonders, congratulations. But understand this does not mean your revelation will hold true for your unsuspecting victim. People ask for help, and can only be helped if they want it. Discovering what works for them with their own agency is fundamental to individual empowerment and the success that follows. So let coaches coach. And get on with your own workout.”
– Sam Macintosh, Breaking Muscle

Your diet is not normal: Here’s why
“Similarly, basic diets might work for many people who are overweight. But as you approach your goal physique, your nutrition needs to be tailored to you. Someone else’s diet might not be the best solution. As you build your individualized nutrition plan, remember that systems interact, and your digestive system is as unique as you are.”
– Craig Marker, PhD, Breaking Muscle

Upcoming this week and for the month of December:
Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen (see separate update below for additional PM offerings Friday 12/4)
Sunday 8:30 AM – Owen, our new CrossFit instructor!
Weight Loss Challenge Weigh-Outs
Weigh out on Friday or Saturday with final weight and % body fat.  Log on the sheets at the front desk.  Winners will be announced Sunday 12/6.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Melissa for putting this together and keeping everyone motivated during this challenge!!  She is honestly the poster child for how these challenges can be life changing, and is paying it forward by helping fellow CFers :).  Hopefully challenge participants have taken something away regarding the relationship between fitness and nutrition, and learned some healthy habits than can be applied to your everyday lives moving forward.  Just because it’s over doesn’t mean to pick back up the proverbial carton of ice cream and go crazy!  Stick with it, even if you don’t want to lose weight, and make sure to step back occasionally and assess your habits for everyday improvements!
Friday December 4th.  
Regular 5:30PM CF class is STILL on schedule.  BUT then….
6:00 CF/Bldg7 Yoga Friday night “Mixer” is on.  This is open for ANYBODY….members of CF, members of Bldg 7 Yoga, and people who aren’t members at either
joint, but want to check it out.
– From 6-6:45 All Attendees will start on CF side with a class led by Chris.  Then from 6:45 to 7:30, they will transition to Yoga side for class w/ Linda
Cost details:
– If you are a member of BOTH places, there is no additional fee.
– If you are a member of one or the other, but not both, the extra cost is $12.
– If you are a member of neither and are coming to check both places out, drop in fee is $12.
FREE Intro classes for December are:  12/12 and 12/26 at 9:45AM
Sunday 12/13 – 12 Days of Christmas workout!
Holiday Schedule Changes
– Thursday Dec. 24th
– ONE class only at 9:00AM
– Friday Dec. 25th – CLOSED
Then begins HERO WEEK, WINTER 2015
– Sat. Dec. 26th – Beginning of Hero Week.  ONE class only at 8:30AM
– Sunday Through Thursday of Hero Week is normal class schedule.
– Friday, 1/1/16 is Finale of Hero Week and ONE class only at 9:00AM
***Hero Week takes on a different Focus this year… stay tuned for the announcement!
As always, stay tuned to the calendar in the CF lobby and to the website for ongoing updates!

If you were in class on Saturday, you got a chance to meet Rob Gilbert and Samantha Thomas, who are available to offer nutritional / meal planning and guidance.  Here’s a little more about them:

Rob has been with the City of Reading Police Department for the last 15 years.  Most of his patrol career was spent on midnight shift in the patrol division.  In addition to his patrol duties he has been an instructor at the Reading Police Academy for the last 10 years, training and certifying hundreds of police cadets.  He has been involved in athletics, pre-dominately weight training, for over 2 decades.  After seeing people struggling to get into service academies, physically struggling to pass service academies, and just watching First Responders in general struggle with eating/training/lifestyle issues he started a personal training business with his girlfriend, Samantha Thomas.

Samantha (RN/BSN) is a supervisor at Wyomissing Health and Rehabilitation Center.  She is a Nationally Qualified NPC BIKINI Competitor, who is currently in preparation for next year’s season.  She was an EMT/FIREFIGHTER from 2008-2015 and is also familiar with the lifestyle of a First Responder.  Hurried meals, no meals, fast food combined with swing shifts and overnight hours.  Which ultimately leads to poor health and a poor quality of life.  Together they founded S.H.I.E.L.D STRENGTH.

STRENGTH. HONOR. INTEGRITY .EXCELLENCE. LOYALTY. DISCIPLINE   S.H.I.E.L.D STRENGTH is a personal training system that caters to each individual client.  Each meal plan and workout plan is customized to the clients goals.  It focuses on living a healthy lifestyle through meal preparation, workout programs, and having a network of people with the same goals and desire to improve their quality of life.  Rob and Samantha have done both professional and personal training with individuals all over the country, which provides a network that is unique to S.H.I.E.L.D STRENGTH.  Our only priority is to help you get where you want to go.  From living a healthy lifestyle, to fulfilling your career goal of being Police-Fire-Medical Field-Military, to simply being happy with yourself-S.H.I.E.L.D STRENGTH always puts the client’s needs first.
To learn more or set up a consultation, please contact Rob or Sammy (business cards coming soon to CF):
SHIELD Strength Biz Card

How’s everyone feeling?  Here’s some motivation from Melissa on the weight loss challenge:

Fat vs Muscle

Good Monday Morning!

Today’s little tidbit: Don’t become Scale-Obsessed! (And this you should live by even when not in a weight loss challenge.)

Let’s get back to that whole body fat topic, and why we are adding decreases in your body fat % as part of your weigh in and weigh out.

So this is a potential scenario: You eat cleanly, you exercise regularly, you know you have dropped your calorie consumption, but you step on the scale and it doesn’t budge from where you started. (This probably won’t happen in week 1 as week 1 losses in weight will be largely water weight….BUT, be prepared for week 2 where this very well could happen). Then you start to feel frustrated, depressed, and might want to say “oh bloody hell, I can’t do this!”

You share this with your friends, and their response is “Oh, you probably are just building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat”. Maybe this consoles you….but really, how can a pound of muscle weigh more than a pound of fat?? A pound is a pound, right? The real truth is that pound for pound, muscle is more dense, and therefore takes up less space than fat. See the picture that is posted…..same weight of fat and same weight of muscle….but muscle looks considerably smaller than fat.

Can you make muscle from fat? Nope. Sorry. But you can build more lean muscle mass, shrink the fat and come away with a leaner, thinner and more toned you. What may happen is that your weight might not change drastically, but your body fat % WILL!

And then there’s the added benefit of knowing that muscle tissue at rest will burn 7 to 10 calories daily per pound as opposed to fat that burns only 2 to 3 calories, so why not build more muscle?! And ladies, don’t think that this is going to make you big and bulky…..Females don’t have enough testosterone to do that!

Take-away from this is don’t be scale-obsessed, because it might not show you what you want to see early on in this game. Eat clean, whole foods, train smart and effectively (ditch the cardio-only regimen), lift heavy things…..build lean muscle mass and shrink the fat!

Cheers to day 2!


Wow, November already, and it hasn’t even snowed yet!

Remember the November Challenge: Pull-up negatives and positives – 1 second each per day (today is a 1-second negative and a 1-second positive, 2/2 tomorrow, and so on)


AND FINALLY, Weight Loss Challenge Participants!  The randomly selected team assignments are below.  Please measure and include your % body fat on the test in sheets (ask a trainer if you need help setting up).  Here’s a great article about % body fat and why it’s more important than the numbers on the scale.  More on that tomorrow… 

Team 1: Peter Purcell, Kristin Feightner, Jen Crocona, Matt Mayer

Team 2: Chris Kaag, Onaya Ortega, Sandra Sandoval, Christine Getrost

Team 3: Adam Owens, Stacea Boss-Archie, Jen Motze, Melissa Hazlett

Team 4: Tim McDonough, Gretchen Kaag, Aimee Hafer, Emily McDonough

Team 5: John Pontician, Amy Bressler, Jenn Quick, Rob Rauenzahn

Team 6: Zach Meredith, Michelle Gauby, Jeanna Hahn, Daphne Fleck

Team 7: Dante Santoni, Carol Meredith, Kristen Gerhard, Brad Bressler

Team 8: Robert Stichter, Sarah Tyrrell, Sandy Lugo, Jasmine Lockhart

Challenge runs November 1 – December 5.  Get to it!!

**November FREE Intro Classes will be Saturday 11/14 and Saturday 11/28 @ 9:45am**
Remember to sign up and weigh in for the November weight loss challenge by tomorrow 10/30!  If you’re on facebook, you should be entered into the private weight loss challenge group as well, where you’ll get extra motivation and pointers from all participants and coaches along the way!
We’ll be sweatin’ the the 80’s on Saturday!  If you have a favorite 80’s playlist, bring it along and maybe we’ll hook up your ipod or take requests during the workout… (both class times)
November pull-up challenge begins on Sunday with a 1-second negative and 1-second positive pull-up!  Sign up on the white board and get practicing!!
November Spin Classes-
11/7- w/Aimee Hafer @ 9:30am
11/14-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am
11/21-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am