chris January 24, 2011

Box Jump (20/25)
DB Heave (15/20)
KTE (20/25)
Sledge (20/25)
Burpee (15/20)

Quick Step (3/4)
MB Suicide (2/3)
Krank (100/200)
Broad Jump (200’/300′)
Low Crawl (100’/200′)
(how ’bout Beth’s ups in pic 4?!)

chris January 22, 2011

Rd 1:
Air Squat, Scissor Lunge, Locomotive, Box Jump, Step Up, Lunge
Lsit, Leg Raise, Pike, VTwist, Hello Dolly, LR Honeymooner

Rd 2: count down
BT Jump, Handwalk, Bbuster, PlankWalk, 8ct, Press
Lsit, Leg Raise, Pike, VTwist, Hello Dolly, LR Honeymooner

chris January 20, 2011

DB Warm Up

Circuit: Frog PU, Rev Leg Ext, Chirpees, Plank Knee, T PU, OH Lunge, Crunch/Lsit, 8ct, Xover Toe Touch, Alt Superman

End: Walking Lunge/Elephant Walk 3rds

chris January 18, 2011

CF regular schedule

Tuesday Morning Basic CF
Box Drill, Handwalk, Bbar Cr, BC, Russ. Swing, SS/HK/BW Run, ACSquat, 8Ct, Toe Tap, Tunnel Row

End: 3-2-1
3min StepUps
2min Dip/PU
1min Lunge


“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” -Walter Anderson

Interesting article recently about the concept of “train gain.” Relevant observations:

Telling athletes they don’t need gel packs, sports bars or specialty drinks is surprising since advertisements promise the ingredients are needed for maximum performance. “Most people are convinced by the manufacturers that you have to have this stuff flowing into your mouth, and that’s not the case,” Friel said. 

“Train gain can also creep up on athletes who reward themselves after intense workouts.”

“A mistake a lot of amateur athletes make is they start eating bars, and Gatorade or sports drinks,” Mangieri said. “The real basis of the diet is a nutritious, well-rounded diet.”

chris January 17, 2011

10 min warm-up:
5 broad jumps, 50′ BC, 5 Lsits, 5 Air Squats, 1 suicide

WOD: 4 rds
100′ OH Lunge
30 Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball