March 18, 2017

Your New CrossFit L1 Trainer!

Congratulations to Emily McDonough on her successful completion of the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer seminar!  She passed the test and learned a lot!  (oh and G also successfully re-tested after initially becoming a Level 1 trainer in 2012)

Emily and I were so fortunate to be taught by some incredible CrossFit leaders, instructors, and athletes (all the same 5 people) last weekend.  We learned a LOT (did I say A LOT??) and we’re anxious to bring it all to Corps Fitness!

The instructors really brought home the concept of supporting your fellow athletes.  Denise Thomas (trainer at CrossFit One / Reebok HQ) was adamant that NO ONE is finished until EVERYONE is finished.  She brought some humor to it, but really hit on the fact that this is a community.  Nobody puts their stuff away until everyone is done.  If there’s one person still working, everybody damn well better be over near them making sure they push and get it done.  You don’t have to be a cheerleader; but you DO have to be encouraging and RESPECTFUL of everybody’s abilities and efforts.

Other (awesome) staff / trainers were Aimee Lyons (CrossFit King of Prussia), Sara Mills (CrossFit Reston / Fairfax), Dave Lipson (all-around goofy guy and established CrossFit athlete), and Joey Dill (CrossFit Hamilton).  Special shout out to Aimee and CrossFit King of Prussia for hosting!


CrossFit L1 Seminar_KOP Mar 2017


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