September 24, 2014

You might be a CFer if…

…you stock up on band aids for skinned knees and ripped hands – for you, not your kids!

…you keep a single tube sock in your gym bag, just in case rope climbs come up on the daily docket.

…you don’t recognize a fellow CFer in public because they’re dressed up.

…main events, shoelace and poser have different meanings to you than to the general public.

…you have nightmares about being the reason that “30 seconds starts now!!”

  • Melisa September 24, 2014 Reply

    On #3…..and how many times when you see that CFer in public (and you don’t recognize them), do you say "Oh my goodness, I didn’t recognize you with clothing on!". Yeah….not good for those around you that might overhear!

    • g
      g September 26, 2014 Reply

      True! Just another way that CFers interpretation of a phrase could be very different from the general public!

  • hoov September 26, 2014 Reply

    Frist one– I found a new use for the dremel tool to take care of callouses.
    Fifth one- No nightmares but I have had dreams of the "Wagon Wheel, Meet your Neighbor and Three lanes of pain" LOL

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