November 6, 2013

Working Together and Motivation

You’re only as fast as the slowest person. Only as strong as the weakest link. In union there is strength (Aesop).  CF instructors are motivating and exceptional in their own right, and each class is unique.  CFers are a self-motivated bunch, but it never hurts to motivate each other!  During class, before class, after class. That high five or pat on the back at the end of class could just make someone’s day.  Think about it.  Do it.  Be the motivator AND the motivated…

But it IS for CFers

Now that you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, please enjoy the following links…

The high five explained.

Yelling and motivation are they the same?  As all CFers know, there is a difference between yelling and motivating.  How many of your friends have said they’re too scared to come in because they don’t want to be yelled at.

Interestingly, an interwebs search for ‘pat on the back as motivation’ yields disappointing results…  Hence, no link here.

A brief history of the infamous ‘butt slap‘ – not condoned at CF.  Unless you really are that close.  Let’s keep it PG, folks.

What motivates you?


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