March 19, 2015

Whiskey? Yes, please!


Join Winedown for a Corps Fitness Happy Hour!
Date: Thursday March 26th
Time: 5-7pm
Corps Fitness members will get 10% off their check total for showing your membership tags or just have on something Corps Fitness!

Winedown café presents The Distilled whiskey room.  As winedown café & wine bar prides itself on serving the best quality wines by the glass; The Distilled whiskey room takes pride in serving the best whiskey from all over the world.

With our extensive list of 50 plus Whiskeys, The Distilled whiskey room has a whiskey that is right for you.  Our unique program provides the opportunity to explore the terrific distilleries from around the world, both big and small, in 1 or 2 ounce tastes, neat or in a crafted cocktail, prepared as you like it.

Other weekly updates:
In light of tomorrow’s first day of spring weather forecast (more snow…), our spring social after 5:30 PM class has been postponed.  Staying on the positive-thinking vibe, tomorrow’s 5:30 PM class is still a “spring into spring” theme!

Keep up those rope climbs!!  How many do you have so far?  There are under 2 weeks left in the month, so get up there!!

How is the nutrition / paleo challenge going for you?  Have you made any changes?  What’s sticking and what’s not?  What differences have you noticed?  Remember to make sure your water intake is still sufficient.  Thank you again to Melissa and others who have provided recipe ideas – check our CF facebook page for updates throughout the week!

Mentor March is ongoing!  Keep an eye out for the mentors and mentees and be sure to encourage everyone along the way!

CF calf sleeves are now on sale, $24.50 per pair!
CF calf sleeves are now on sale, $24.50 per pair!

Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM – John
Sunday 8 and 9:30 AM – John


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