April 26, 2011

What’s YOUR Excuse??

This has become a phrase that’s been used for the back of  shirts for Corps Fitness and IM ABLE. It may seem brash but it gets to the point and hopefully makes people think, “What is my excuse?”

We want people to see the people that Corps Fitness and IM ABLE incorporate into our culture and how these people are redefining what is expected or the norm of someone who has a disability. This can also be a temporary disability. We all have setbacks or bumps in the road where we get pushed off our normal routine but it is during these times where you can define who you really are from a personal standpoint. Will I give up? Will I adapt and overcome these obstacles or challenges? Being around people who can help you see what is possible will help you achieve the latter and allow you to take that next step and move forward, regardless of how you’re moving. Never forget to appreciate what you CAN do and get up and do it!

These shots showcase that we practice what we preach. “Inclusive Fitness” – maintaining an environment that motivates everyone regardless of ability. We still find ways to still push ourselves regardless. NO EXCUSES…JUST MOVE! This video says it all!!

Dan in a sling after an injury to his hand. Doing one arms swings instead of two
Chris Kaag push ups with motivating CF class in background
Derek supported with straps to keep legs in check. Found a way to get Derek up on the bars last month to get 18 pullups!!
Derek & Chris

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