September 27, 2013

Whats Your Excuse????

Corps Fitness has always had the philosophy that whatever your issue you can look within to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. Find a way to do things differently and move on with no excuses. We have had many people within our ranks that have demonstrated just that and they have inspired those around them to do even more. Wednesday 9:30am class had the pleasure of working out with a man who visited us from West Chester and participated in the workout and demonstrated that philosophy loud and clear!! Marine┬áCorps Captain John O’Brien showed us how a CF class can be completed with only 1 arm and 1 leg! Thank you sir for joining us and for reaffirming and demonstrating what the Marine Corps instilled in you and Corps Fitness founder Chris Kaag, that there are NO EXCUSES for what you CAN achieve! Ooh Rah!!!!!













Excerpt from John’s Bio

A person’s character traits are the foundation for survival in today’s fast changing world. Not only does your character help you succeed in the business world, but also it carries you through the tragedies and suffering we encounter personally. John O’Brien is a retired Captain from the USMC, and he knows how a strong character helped him to survive a horrific plane crash in 1993. These same character traits help John to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

While piloting the AV-8B Harrier jump-jet during a routine training mission landing on a road near Cherry Point, NC, John’s airplane veered off the road and exploded upon impact. He was severely burned over 36% of his body, which ultimately led to the amputation of his left arm and left leg. John teaches how key character traits aided in his survival and recovery.

Personal integrity, trust, loyalty, honesty and self-confidence are just a few of the key character traits that sustained a positive mindset to enable John to recover from the devastating effects of losing two limbs and suffering through skin grafting surgeries. These same character traits are what drive John O’Brien

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    Gretch September 27, 2013 Reply

    No excuses! John sounds like an inspiring guy – I can’t wait to meet and work out with him!

    Another shining example of what CF is all about. We attract some of the toughest, most determined people out there.

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    Natalie September 30, 2013 Reply

    Simply awesome!

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