February 26, 2014

What’s the difference…

Between Corps Fitness (CF) and CrossFit (XF)?

There’s only one Corps Fitness

Yes, we are a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Berks) and we enjoy seeing new or returning faces from traveling XFers.  But there’s only one Corps Fitness, and that’s just how we like it!

Regardless of the class you’re attending, you’re getting an entire hour of constant motion!  I’ve heard comments from people who say “I only come on xxx days because I like / don’t like the xxx workouts.”  Chime in: what do you see as the difference between Corps Fitness and CrossFit?  Is it a circuit or pods vs exercises listed on a board?   The mental aspect of not knowing what’s next?  Working in teams vs a more ‘at your own pace’ format?

PS – I know most CFers aren’t shy, but if you’re more of an emailer vs comment poster, you can email a response using this link.  We appreciate your feedback and strive to make every workout better than the last at CF!!



  • Marissa B. February 26, 2014 Reply

    I come to certain class when it fits my schedule. I love 5:30 AM classes! Starts my day in a positive note. I have done CrossFit Class previously- my only comment is that I get intimidated with the weights and everybody’s phase- I tend to be slow and feels self conscious. Making that comment I will still come to any class schedule permitting. Modification is the key!

  • Karen February 26, 2014 Reply

    I love every class I take but for different reasons. The CF days rocks because of the team approach. The team mentality helps you push beyond your mental limits and gives you the extra encouragement you may need to get through an conquer a specific task. However, I tend to get super pumped about XF days because it’s a chance for me to personally test my skills and how I function as an individual when no one else is looking. It’s a chance for me to see the awesome progress. They both go hand in hand. Without the CF days I feel like my ability to push through a XF WOD would not be as awesome.

    It’s all so awesome. I’m totally hooked.

  • hoov February 26, 2014 Reply

    Every once in a while I enjoy the Monday night Xfit class however to me there are so many more great things to experience in a good ole CF class. How many Xfit facilities do "little sheets, wagon wheel, shoe laces, valentines, xmas day and hero week specials" and with all our great CF’ers young and old.
    yeah yeah

  • g
    Gretch February 26, 2014 Reply

    Wow! Great comments!!
    I love the CF creativity and teamwork, constant motion, putting new spins on old workouts. Regardless of the format, the group dynamic adds to the experience and makes everyone push themselves and others every day. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything else that even comes close to comparing!

  • Melissa February 26, 2014 Reply

    I love both kinds of classes, but truthfully, even when it’s classified as a "cross fit" class, you still get Corps Fitness elements and when it’s considered a "Corps Fitness" class, ya get Cross Fit elements AND most importantly, you ALWAYS get the CF kick-ass motivation and positive attitudes by all! So how can you go wrong with either type of class?!

  • Jan February 26, 2014 Reply

    This topic has come up a few times over the years; my apologies in advance for sounding like a long-winded, broken record, but no apologies for strong opinions. (Aside: If you were a CFer in the pre-XF days, which do you prefer? Gretch and Hoov already gave a nod to CF, which feeds into my theory about who prefers what based on point of entry.)

    I pledge allegiance to CF, and the unadulterated fitness for which it stands. CF leaves the door wide open for incredible creativity, motivating teamwork, individual challenges (mental and physical), crazy agility and high-intensity athleticism. Without an escape hatch! That shit is coming at you, and you better buckle up and go. And that is why, for me, XF will never hold a candle to what Chris originated and what he and Matt have built over many years with CF-style classes at the foundation. It is the ultimate.

    I love getting lost in a CF hour. It is hugely meditative to be on the clock with the whistle blowing rather than going to an XF class and counting reps and rounds for an entire hour and not escaping my own brain. I know there are far, far worse things in the world than counting reps, but I just don’t dig that scene. Moreover, CF offers a billion opportunities to test yourself b/c the workouts are always dynamic; not the same, same, same exercises in XF. As a 10-year veteran of Corps Fitness, I can attest to the fact that I have rarely seen the same CF workout twice (excluding Little Sheets, Scout, et al). From Happy Hollow to Colonial Hills to Body Zone to Gring’s Mill to the Stone House to Building 7, the CF model for class was/is original, fun and pure addictive adrenalin.

    Remember that Harry Chapin song, “Flowers are Red?”
    XF is the mean teacher:
    “Flowers are red young man
    And green leaves are green
    There’s no need to see flowers any other way
    Than they way they always have been seen.”

    And CF is the little boy:
    “There are so many colors in the rainbow
    So many colors in the morning sun
    So many colors in the flower and I see every one.”

    All that said, I like the Hero WODS during Hero Week; I love repped warm-ups and banging out group or individual mini-WODs at the end of CF class. We’ve all gotten much, much stronger with the introduction of XF elements into CF, and the unique intensity CF adds to XF is awesome, too (you won’t find our hybrid XF classes anywhere else). At the end of the day, Mark’s Daily Apple says the best exercise of all time is the one you’ll actually do. For me, that’s CF.

  • Natalie February 27, 2014 Reply

    I’m a CF fan through and through! For me personally, I really struggle with XF due to problems with inflammation. The repetition often causing swelling for me about 36-48 hours after a WOD. I’ve forced liquids/water and it still creeps up on me sometimes. I’ve started heavy lifting on the non-CF days and that isn’t causing the inflammation, so it must have something to do with the repetition that characterizes XF. That being said, I usually don’t mind the XF workouts; but I yet to figure out which ones will have negative side effects and which won’t.
    Because of this, I try to stick to CF at building 7 and avoid XF whenever possible.

  • CQ February 27, 2014 Reply

    I love both XF and CF classes. I love the team building, motivation, disipline and encouragement from the CF classes. The mental toughness and confidence I have gained from these classes pushing myself far beyond places I ever thought I could has been invaluable.

    The classes that incorporate XF elements have helped me increase my strength and learn new skills. Also, Hero Weeks have become my new two favorite weeks of the year!

    Like Melissa mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with either type!

  • Wicasa Yatapika February 27, 2014 Reply

    A WOD a day at a CrossFit Box
    1. Warm-up is posted on a white board. You are expected to come in and do the warm-up on your on.
    2. After the warm-up circle up and go over the WOD in detail, explanations will be given and each exercise will be demonstrated by an instructor.
    3. Get a PVC pipe and find a platform.
    4. Practice each lift with a PVC pipe going over each aspect of the total movement in detail. Repeat until the instructors feel confident you can perform the movement(s).
    5. Get an empty barbell and repeat above practice steps.
    6. Warm-up to your WOD weight by adding plates to your barbell etc.
    7. 1-2-3 GO and perform the WOD.

    A typical day at CF…
    Chaos rains, diversity enhances, actions speak, help your neighbor, suffer together, and build a community…

    For me it’s an easy answer, I’ll take the short version any f’in day after experiencing a true CrossFit box for a year…

  • Doug February 27, 2014 Reply

    Doesn’t matter what you call it, its the people and their attitude here that makes Corps Fitness great.
    I started with Krank class last fall for the cardio workout. Soon after that Chris offered to modify workouts to my abilities.
    I am stronger now and doing things I did think I could.
    So you call it what you want.
    All three classes and the people there help like no other place can.

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