March 11, 2016

What’s the difference?

image credit: mommyshorts.com – click this link for more awesome toddler logic!

What makes “pork” pork and “chicken” chicken?

Like Henry, Maybe someone else told you it’s chicken and not pork, so you believe them and eat it…  What else do you believe because someone else told you so? (more on that next week)

Maybe you’ve always liked chicken better and will only eat pork if it’s called chicken…

Maybe you once had pork that you didn’t like and now you’ll only eat pork that’s called chicken…

You have a brain and the ability to determine what’s what; take advantage!

Maybe this all applies to Corps Fitness as well, or am I just off my rocker? Do you dislike running but love an Indian run (I’m in this boat with you!)? Dislike burpees but love “squat thrusts”? Dislike the warm up but love a mid-workout cardio blast? Maybe those dislikes aren’t so bad!


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