March 7, 2016

What’s It Worth?

There’s value…..and then there’s values. Value is the monetary worth you place on an object, a service, an activity. Values are the standards of behavior you live by…the judgment of what is important in life.
We all have choices. We have choices on how we spend our money. Do I buy the name brand athletic shirt because it has that well-known insignia? Yes, it may cost more, but it is the name brand, and I know the quality is worth it. Or do I buy the lesser expensive athletic shirt because as long as it fits and serves its purpose, it will suit. Choices.
We all regard what is valuable ($$) differently….and we all place in a different order what values (standards) are important to us. It was clear from the large attendances at all 3 classes yesterday to honor Tom “Pop” Kaag, that CFers find it not only valuable to be a CFer, but they also rank giving back, living with compassion, and knowing what’s important as a very high value. Way to get it done at every single class Friday! Way to honor “Pop”! Way to represent as a CFer!
We have choices on how we live our lives too. We determine what we do by what we see as meaningful, good, rewarding. Do I participate in a gym where I am a name and a membership number, and yeah, maybe I’ve connected with a few people since going there, but other then getting sweaty a few hours a week and participating in exercise that I know is good for my body, it serves no other meaningful purpose. Or do I choose a gym that puts further meaning into what it does; that looks beyond the individual self and incorporates values into its facility that makes me want to be a better person. Choices.
We all want to live a meaningful life….and it’s a lifelong journey to do so. An article from lifehack.org cites a few ways to live a meaningful life. A few that stood out: Find a way to give back, Live with compassion, People more than things and Know what’s important. Do any of those resonate with you? Be a part of something bigger, because…. We Are Corps Fitness.




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