July 21, 2014

What Type of CFer Are You: The OCNB

OCNB?  Maybe better classified as a CFer-to-be, the Overly Confident Newbie waltzes into CF with head held high and chest out.  You hear him / her proudly announce to Chris that they “lift and do cardio every day” and are “in great shape” and you immediately look for the nearest exit, knowing that the intensity of the class-to-be just jumped another100%… The OCNB sprints the first 400 and continues a max effort through the first 10-20 minutes of the hour.  When the class jogs inside to strip layers off and grab a sip of water, discussing how “the warm-up today really kicked my a$$,” the OCNB goes wild-eyed and has, at times, been known to disappear.  This CFer-to-be can be a once-and-done visitor, but hopefully their slice of humble pie takes effect early and they stick around to evolve into another type of CFer.

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    Mike L. July 21, 2014 Reply

    This was definitely me when I first started at CF 2 years ago…pretty sure Matt D. added 15 seconds to each station after I introduced myself. Needless to say, I learned quickly.

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      g July 22, 2014 Reply

      Mike, 2 years already!?! Wow! Gotta love it, right? Good thing you wised up quickly, and we are glad you stuck around to “evolve” into another type of CFer (or a blend of several). 🙂

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