July 28, 2014

What Type of CFer Are You: The Newbie

You’ve read the website, signed the waiver, and you’re ready for your first class!  A true newbie, you may be a little intimidated when you first walk into Bldg 7, but fear not*!  After a brief rundown and interview by the instructor, a mama or papa bear CFer will soon be by your side leading you through stations and class format.  Leave your ego at the door, pace yourself during the warm-up and workout, but be sure to leave nothing behind when you’re asked to go all out.  It’s up to you how much you want to push, and with each class, you’ll become more and more comfortable with exercises, formats, and your surroundings.  At least, until a totally new idea is trialed during class… Chances are you won’t be the only one thrown for a loop, and hopefully by then you’ll have learned to go with the flow and figure it out.  And soon enough, you’ll complete the whole cycle by becoming a mama or papa bear for a newbie yourself**!


Caveats: *If you’re a true newbie (first time ever at CF) and you’re in an advanced class, then be afraid.  Be very afraid (heck, many experienced CFers have a slight panic attack if they know the workout before it begins!)…  **Also, we certainly encourage mama / papa bears, but please make sure you know what you’re doing and what CF is all about before “indoctrinating” others!


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