July 18, 2014

What Type of CFer Are You: The Mama / Papa Bear

We all know the mama / papa bear type!  When you see a newbie standing all alone before class, you’re the first one to go over and introduce yourself to make him / her feel welcome.  After some casual get-to-know-you exchanges, you’ll lead the newbie through each exercise on the floor, making sure to explain each in detail.  During the workout, you’re often seen shepherding newbies and experienced-yet-confused (due to exhaustion-induced delirium) CFers through the format, stations, runs, etc, sometimes at the expense of your own workout.  The mama / papa bear is always making sure nobody is left out to dry, lest we hear the dreaded command of “OUTSIDE!!” on your watch!

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    melissa July 18, 2014 Reply

    Let’s hope we all can classify ourselves (at least if you are not a new person) as someone in this category!

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