July 7, 2012

Welcome (back)!

Lots of new folks trying out CF! Awesome! And great to see Anthony G…stopping by from Beijing (and hasn’t lost a step)!

Best behavior for 5-on-a -side. It is simply a matter of making things matter.

Makes me think of the quotes from Junger’s book War:
“And because combat can hinge on the most absurd details, there was virtually nothing in a soldier’s daily routine that fell outside the group’s purview…There was no such thing as personal safety out there; what happened to you happened to everyone.”

“The attention to detail at a base like Restrepo forced a kind of clarity on absolutely everything…I came to think of it as a kind of Zen practice: the Zen of not fucking up.”

“In the civilian world almost nothing has lasting consequences, so you can blunder through life in a kind of daze…you lose a sense of importance of things.”

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    Jan July 7, 2012 Reply

    Great to see new faces and old faces – welcome back Anthony! Was extra glad to see Meredith today, too – right where you belong MFG!

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    Scott July 7, 2012 Reply

    was as nervous as a long-tail TomCat in a room full of rocking’ chairs with all those newbies + 5 on a side, shoelace format. But…..they were awesome.

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