October 16, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge – 2015

Like a healthy competition?  Want to keep on track this holiday season?  Looking to shed a few pounds to get in prime physical shape?  Then this November’s weight loss challenge is for YOU!

Let’s cut the fat and get to the real skinny of this challenge/competition:

Sign Up at front desk and pay your $10 entry fee by Friday 10/30This is a 5 week challenge (November 1 – December 5).

*Kick-off is Sunday, November 1stAfter our 8:30AM class on Nov. 1st, there will be an informal discussion on different approaches to your weight loss challenge (i.e. Paleo, Calories In vs. Calories Out, Reduction of sugar intake, etc.).  At this time, we will also have a Halloween Candy Dump….bring any unwanted candy in and get it out of the house (out of sight, out of mind!).

1. You must have a weigh in done and recorded by a trainer by (or on) the Nov. 1st start date.  You also can elect to have your body fat % recorded, but this measurement will not be used in determining winners.  (Weights will be kept in a folder only to be seen by trainers, however, your total percentage of weight loss may be shared at the conclusion of the challenge.)
2. Final weigh outs must be done by Sat. December 5th, which is the conclusion of the challenge.

1. At the conclusion of the challenge, we will award a Top Male Loser and a Top Female Loser (based on % of weight lost).  These winners will receive a FREE One Month Unlimited Corps Fitness Membership!!
2. Additionally, we will award an Overall Top Team Loser (all % of weight lost for all team members combined), and they will receive a CASH prize to be split among team members.  Teams will be randomly chosen (4 or 5 per team, depending on participation) and announced by the start of the challenge, so make sure to get your name on the sign up sheet by 10/30!


*The MORE THE MERRIER in this competition, and the MORE it ups the CASH potential to win as a team!


**While we know many of you are highly competitive, please choose safe methods of weight loss that will allow you to maintain your healthy self-image, choices and lifestyle.  Remember, your decisions on how best to watch what you eat should be changes that you can maintain for a lifetime.