May 29, 2013

Wednesday Kettlebell Love

KB form has been slipping recently!  When executing a KB overhead swing, the bell should trail your hands.  If the bell carries over past where your hands stop at the top of the swing, you risk getting hurt!  The momentum of the KB should only carry to the top of the swing and no further.  Practice good form at ALL TIMES; no exceptions!  If the weight you chose is getting too heavy, switch to a lighter one in order to maintain your form.  Just like going on your knees for push ups, it isn’t cheating if it allows you to do the exercise correctly.

40/30/20 (scale reps available)

Pull ups

1-arm KB thrusters

Box Jumps

R1 – add Bicycle crunches

R2 – add Mountain climbers

R3 – add B&T




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