December 7, 2011

Wednesday Form: Order…Form

Hero Week t-shirt orders and the Kyle Pagerly Commemorative t-shirt orders must be placed by Wednesday December 14th!

Hero Week t-shirt (included in $110 package purchase; or $35 if purchased separately): Under Armour long-sleeve gray (samples at gym)

Kyle Pagerly Commemorative (Squad Leader Edition) t-shirt: $35, Under Armour long-sleeve gray (samples at gym)

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    scaffidi December 7, 2011 Reply

    Will you be ordering extras…I’m going to need to have one of those. I’m sure you understand 😉 Great job with the design, what a cool way to represent our heroes.

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    Mark Schau December 12, 2011 Reply

    i would like to order two Hero shirts (XL/M). I could not find or open up an order form. I worked with Trooper Paul Richey.

    Thanks in advance…

    Mark Schau

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