June 8, 2011

Wednesday Form: More fat!

Skills: 10 min
3/3 KB Clean/Press, 10 Lunges, 5 Floor Wipers, 30 Jump Rope Singles

WOD: 3 rds
15 Swing, 12 Goblet Squat, 9 Pullups

More Fat! Carbo-loading is dead. More fat? Yes, more fat.
If you’ve been following the dietary recommendations here to lose/maintain a healthy weight/improve performance, whether Zone, Paleo, whatever…you probably have a total calorie nutrient breakdown like this:
40% cals from Carbs (1g carb = 4 cals)
30% cals from Protein (1g protein = 4 cals)
30% cals from Fat (1g fat = 9 cals)

Which, generally, looks like a plate of Veggie/Fruit, Lean Meat, Oils/Nuts.
(Why eat anything else?)
Inevitably,¬†though, uh-oh, we might start to drag a bit. The old “I don’t have any energy on that diet, I feel sluggish, blah blah blah.”
And the tendency is to revert back to old ideas. I should be carbo loading. I need the carbs. I can’t make it through a workout without carbs…or even worse…hey, I workout SO I CAN eat carbs!:)
Wrong. Using these dietary strategies and doing our types of workouts, to get the energy, to boost endurance….you add FAT. Yes, increase your fat intake. Messin’ with the carb-load idea is just another way folks sabotage any gains. Guaranteed, folks who have lost the most, look the best, or workout the hardest at CF are those heavier on the fat, not the carbs.

If you’ve hit that point, experiment with it for a few weeks!
Here’s Robb Wolf telling it like it is. (when he says “x” it means “times”…like increasing fat intake 3times)
Link to CFJ Issue 21 with Zone Diet.

In other words, as always on nutrition posts, “you can’t outwork a shitty diet.”

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    wicasa yatipika June 8, 2011 Reply

    Could not agree more MD…my intake is 40% protein, 40% fat, and 20% carbs…and I have been feeling very strong on mtb rides up to 4-hours so far…and weekly hours on the bike between 11 and 13.5 hours overall! IT SIMPLY WORKS! Don’t think too much, just do!

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