November 2, 2011

Wednesday Form: lots of stuff

1) Feeling like the form of Fun Size Candy? Then join the Fun Size Weight Loss Incentive (see Incentive Page).

  • If you know the drill (participated previously in wt loss challenges, but find you need to drop a few lbs), then go to the Fun Size Livestrong Page (login and send me a note to be invited).
  • If you are new to the CrossFit dietary recommendations, then plan to attend Sat. 11/5: 945A OR Sun. 11/6: 345P for an introduction session. (You can login to Livestrong, too, but some background into what we do helps).
  • Weigh in by 11/6!
  • Why do we care? You will perform much better at CF, make bigger gains, and feel better if you are carrying your natural weight.

2) Form of Safety: We love risks. We encourage risks…sometimes even reckless behavior! But some things require a planned risk. Take the Muscle Up. It is awesome that many of you have been attempting the MU after class. Practice is important. But planned, thoughtful practice is necessary with this exercise. Flailing about on the rings, trying to get a rep will result in 1 of 2 things: either getting that rep but having no idea how, or getting seriously injured with a blown-out tricep, torn shoulder, or tendonitis in the elbow. Thoughtful, planned practice is necessary.
So how? Follow the CrossFit suggestions as explained to you to build up to the MU.
First, determine if you have the strength. See this deep dip? Can you do that? Then maybe you are ready to hang from the rings. This is a good diagnostic move. If you can’t hold your body here, then you need to work more dips, presses and develop shoulder strength.

 Then you have to master the transition. I’ve explained this (and we practice during Ring Rows) using the rings on the floor, using the false grip, pulling to the middle of the muscle up with feet on floor…automate the movement. This is further explained here.

Practice this transition for a few weeks before you go up on the high rings. That’s right…resign yourself to some practice and form work before you even attempt the high rings. This CrossFit approach and the way we coach it works. Planned practice. You’ll feel confident on the high rings, know what you are doing. Being able to do pullups and bench dips is not enough to say “I’ll do muscle ups.” Make it a success. Avoid injury. Practice, practice, practice.

Lastly, when we say elbows up…we mean this (very nice):

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    Captain Awesome November 2, 2011 Reply

    Sorry probably my bad about screwing with muscle-ups. Great video, plus I need to go back to basics with a few parts of the movement, so that no injuries occur. From the look of it I think I am lucky not to have hurt myself yet. Really fun and tough challenge to do these but… slowly. Thanks for the reminder MD.

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