April 20, 2011

Wednesday Form: Live by the chop

“It was no great work of thoughtfulness. Right now we’re in a bad spot, we’re in the middle of the forest, it’s all dark, we can’t see. Get an ax and just start chopping away.” -G. Schiano, Rutgers Football

On Monday’s chipper, just put your head down and start choppin’ wood.

How to chop wood. (notice the body movement, the power from the hips…smooth, functional, working as one with the sledge. Not trying to muscle or slam with the arms).

See also similarity to Clean pic from CrossFit (Apr 19, 2011). Notice trying to “lift with arms” vs the smooth hip drive.

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    WICasa Yatapika April 20, 2011 Reply

    Big-air on that clean movement, that rocks! I think I am ascared of that CrossFitter…she is a PHREAK! Hah!

    BTW…Who is Paul Bunyon in the tire-slam….another PHREAK! HAH!

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