March 6, 2013

Wednesday Form …Kips Are Back!

This March at CF we are working on kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups.  Stick around after morning class this Saturday 3/9 to work on form and test your max reps.  Then use this month to work on developing your form and stringing more reps together.  Skill work will also be built into workouts and times will be offered before / after workouts each week – stay tuned to the blog for specifics.

11.21.12_3 11.21.12_4To prepare, do your homework: Watch the videos linked on this post and work on the progressions on your own before or after scheduled workouts.  Ask a coach for pointers, and then practice, practice, practice!  Test-in days will be March 9th-10th, and test-out days will be March 30-31 (may be extended due to Easter holiday).

Kipping progression – step 1

Kipping progression – step 2

Muscle-up progression – demo 1

There’s something for everyone with this challenge!  Whether you are working towards that first kip, or you can already bang ’em out, there is always room for improvement.

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    Nance March 6, 2013 Reply

    This is awesome!!! Been working on kips for over a year. Can finally get a few and am so looking forward to improving!!! Sadly, I can’t make it saturday :'(

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    Jan March 7, 2013 Reply

    I saw your few, Nance! Looking good!!

    Ladies, swinging heavier kettlebells than you might normally will increase your grip strength enormously. Since our upper body strength isn’t enough to ‘muscle through’ pull-ups, extra grip strength will go a long way toward allowing you to stay on the pull-up bar longer. In that same vein, band pull-ups will do nothing to increase your arm strength or grip strength in a way that will actually be transferrable to a kip pull-up. To do pull-ups, you have to do pull-ups. Chalk up and give it a try!

    Great info – great links. Can’t think of a pull-up competition without thinking of Pags!!!

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    Maria N. March 7, 2013 Reply

    Goal: Muscle up by my birthday-June 19th
    Now that it’s out there——it’s real!! Keep me honest!

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