January 4, 2012

Wednesday Form: Keep your head up, that’s risky.

“Keeping the chest and elbows up, and the knees out, enables efficient transfer of power from from the legs and hips into the wallball.” (, 12/27/11)

We hear alot of performance (form) cues during a CF class…or if we study videos, pics from CrossFit, you know, there’s alot to think about. We must be willing to think about that stuff, AND modify our behavior.

The theme for 2012…No Risk, No Reward. Improvement will slow, gains will dwindle, we’ll start not to see any growth in the absence of risk….no rewards reaped. Consider why folks wouldn’t change? Is it too hard? Does it take too much work? Does it slow them down? Is it something they just don’t want to think about? Does it require too much thinking? Would it require doing “work” at home? In other words, it’s too big a risk! Yes, that’s all. Done. To change or modify a movement or exercise is a Risk. And people have to embrace Risk to make any gains.

Now consider CF. The gym, the people, the entire concept. It’s built around supporting risk-taking. The entire concept screams, “what are you afraid of?” That’s the quesion. When you aren’t pushing the 400m to the absolute point of sprinting exhaustion, what are you afraid of? When you pick a wicked light weight to pull or push, what are you afraid of? When you don’t rapid fire burpees, when you don’t practice kips? Why not take the risk. It’s calling you to do it!

Because, it may be, that CF is the only place where everyone would understand. To risk it all, to let it all out, to push the limits…we all understand, and truly, we all expect it…if you would step out with hands on hips, if you would stop and walk, if you would get sick, if…yes, if…you would fail…we would all understand. The format at CF erases any self-consciousness, or fear of being judged and evaluated. That’s why it’s the perfect context for risk-taking. We all understand. We’ve all been there, and worse.

So risk it. Why are you holding back, what do you fear? Be done with it. Go faster, heavier. Fail on kips. Miss a lift. Catch your toe on Double Unders everytime for 2 weeks. 

There’s no better way to develop confidence to hold your head high, than to risk something. What’s it gonna be in 2012?

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    Sam Scaffidi January 4, 2012 Reply

    Awesome post, Matt! Same goes for all facets of life: career, diet, hobbies…take some risks this year 🙂

    For those of you who take Fish Oil (and those who don’t) I have PurePharma Omega-3 on hand for $35/bottle. If I get enough interest this time through, Chris will be able to sell it from within CF. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. 3 capsules one time per day provides 2000mg Omega-3! I’ll have it with me until it’s sold out. Get it while it’s here.

    Omega-3 aids with recovery, reduces inflammation, brings Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio closer to the desired 1:1 ratio, reduces joint stiffness, has shown success to aid with sleep and is in a number of studies to reduce depression.

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    Kyle January 4, 2012 Reply


    Answered the call and did a little “homework” at lunch. I did 20 minutes on the rope practicing DUs + the WOD “Cindy” (15 rounds + 5 PUs) using the CFF #2 band.

    This definitely beats the Elliptical! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah….!!!

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