February 22, 2012

Wednesday Form: How’s it going?

On those goals? Focus on “better than yesterday.” Devote at least 10 mins a day to Virtuosity and Form re: your goal. Best time is the 5-10mins before class! Commit to 2 weeks of just mapping the movement into your brain, hanging, little mermaids. With lots of “kip” goals on the board…let’s walk down memory lane (for other goals, you can search on the blog or go to the old blogger blog, too).

Here we go again…Kip post!
C on the back side.
Weight vest pullups and here.
Open the shoulders and the hips.
Old Pull Up Club.

Or just watch funny monkey.

Also dedicate some thinking-time to your goal…what is the major obstacle? Tight shoulders, tight hip, lack of strength, extra weight, not enough practice…clearly define the problem and ye shall find the solution. Good luck and keep working! Special shout-out to Bethy who has practiced 2unders since putting it on the goal board…and she has that rope whippin’ around now!

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    Scott February 22, 2012 Reply

    Hey CFers,

    This should appeal to some of you.

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    Wicasa Yatapika February 22, 2012 Reply

    If you have not watched the “Kip post” please do so…I watched it several times because it represents what is possible with good form and practice…the girl in the middle did 28 consecutively and the guy on the left was over 40, and still going STRONG…and to think Pags did 49 of those in a row, and I am guessing there are others at CF who can string together a bunch of them too…I’m envious and it does provide some motivation to want to be able to achieve some success with kipping, but I will be honest, I don’t like doing them and have never like doing pullups or kips, period. And one cannot be successful at something if one is not mentally committed to at least practicing them, something at this point I am not (that’s why I would never write them down as a goal). I do have some “mechanical” issues due to an injury, but that is just an excuse not to do them, I reckon there is a way to overcome that, but I will not until I get past the fact that I don’t like doing them. Anyway, there is my “confession” for the day…LOL…!

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    BobF February 22, 2012 Reply

    You are absolved. Do 5 pullups at class tomorrow as your penance.

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    Jan February 22, 2012 Reply

    When I was intent on learning kips, I watched that kip video about 15 times – and I’d pause-play-pause-play on the blonde lady to see exactly what she was doing. Then, it was just one atta time, then 2 atta time, then 3… Let’s get some more ladies off the bands and jump pull-ups! You’re all strong enough!

    JJ: Sometimes I wonder if I don’t like certain exercises b/c I can’t do them or if I can’t do them b/c I don’t like them. Chickens-n-eggs. Most days, just need to get over my ‘self’ and GID.

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    Melissa February 22, 2012 Reply

    Jan….I’m with you on watching those videos. I watched I think every freaking kipping pull-up video and demo on the CrossFit website. Then I dreamt about them…then I visualized myself doing them. I’m so mental…

    Now, I’ve been studying all the videos on the Crossfit website on muscle ups. I haven’t “told” myself that I can do them…I’m not convinced I’m strong enough. But, I’m learning….I’m doing my studying! One of these days I’ll move onto the “dreaming about them” stage. Maybe…

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