June 15, 2011

Wednesday Form: Go fast but don’t hurry.

Speed, efficiency. Notice a falcon doesn’t “flap harder” to go faster. When it intends to go faster it puts its body in a certain position (a tight lean with gravity).

Speed, efficiency. Notice the body position of the cheetah as it slows (just past that termine hill)…chest comes up, it even does a heel strike to come to a full stop! When it intends to go faster it puts its body in a certain position (different than when it intends to slow down). 

Speed. To perform any exercise (not just running) at speed…basically, don’t overthink it,  just do what comes natural. On ANY exercise…speed is a mental intention, that then must be realized with proper, efficient body position (lean, tighten, balance, “push”).

Pick a few exercises and try it for 2 weeks…think “how can I get better results at CF by putting my body in better position, performing this movement more efficiently, and doing this exercise at speed?”

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    wicasa yatipika June 15, 2011 Reply

    LMFAO….the cheetah vid was off the hook, I didn’t see the PHOOL coming at all…phreakin classic!!! Now that was truly funny!

    The Falcon is an aeronautical phreakfest…did you hear that sound when it made contact with the pigeon???? Truly badass! That Falcon looked like a torpedo bomber when it when into the attack position…or like an F-14 Tomcat when it sweeps it’s wings back, I wonder where the engineers for that fighter jet got the idea of the swept-back wings????? Hah!!

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