November 9, 2011

Wednesday Form: Get it overhead

Backside, backside, backside!

“In an immature overhead squat, the forward inclination of the torso requires additional rotation of the shoulder, which can be tolerated at lighter weights.” (CrossFit Main Page,, 11/4/11)

See OH Squat Basics here.

See CrossFit Snatch vid. How to get wt overhead.

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    Kate November 9, 2011 Reply

    Thanks to Eric for a very educational 9:30 class today.

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      Matt November 9, 2011 Reply

      C’mon….more importantly…what was his 800m time? Better than 3:29 last done on 4/17/11? Double E?

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    Eric E November 10, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Kate! My 800 time was better by a few seconds only. Ive got a good excuse 30 125 lb snatches………

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      Matt November 10, 2011 Reply

      You improved by like 18 secs! That’s great.
      But, EE, an excuse is an excuse…no such thing as a good one.
      See these fellas snatch 135 30x….and they’ll run 2:25…go get ’em bro!
      Isabelle Start the vid at 3:00min mark

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