May 18, 2011

Wednesday Form: Fuel

A few weeks ago you mentioned energy pathways, how does the body fuel itself?

In a complex fashion, that’s fer sher. So first, it’s hard to explain which system is working even when you do something like move your computer mouse…so take this explanation very generally.

1) Blue line (left): Immediate energy stored in muscles (ATP). This would be like a traditional workout. 3 sets of 8 reps…lots of rest. (totally anaerobic, % of energy for a 1 rep max comes from this)
2) Green line (right): Aerobic. Need to use oxygen to make fuel. This would be like what people call “cardio”. (% of energy to run a 5K comes from aerobic)
3) Red line (middle): What is it? High intensity training. This is where you get results.

That’s why weightlifters struggle to workout at CF. And that’s why pure “endurance” folks (ie, runner/bikers) struggle. And that’s why we don’t, anywhere. We can transition effectively through these, our bodies can mobilize fuel for any activity. Take Johnny Ding Dong…he can endurance Mountain Bike with anyone (Green), but the vast portion of his training happens at the gym (Red).

So, stay in the Red!

Wall Ball

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    matt May 18, 2011 Reply

    Sorry to run out and not finish…
    This material also applies to our Diet, Fitness, Weight Loss concept.
    Extra weight is stored sugar-glucose-fructose-etc (as fat). The best way to mobilize and “burn” that is to stay in the Red! Glycolysis (use the stored sugar for fuel).
    Staying Blue won’t do it (strenght training), and the myth of the LSD Green won’t do it as efficiently either (also b/c people also double the myth with over-eating carbs then).

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    wicasa yatipika May 18, 2011 Reply

    MD, GREAT POST, I always like learning more about how our bodies use and “store” energy. It provokes me to look deeper into my methodologies around eating and training and this post was no exception…one interesting thing I did come across after reading the post was this, I’ve always thought that the lactate threshold was the cause of impaired performance, but in fact during glycolysis the accumulation of hydrogen ions and not lactic acid is now recognized as the cause…I know I reached that threshold several times last night, especially during push-presses and ball slams, I still can’t get over how fatiguing ball-slams can be on your legs…Yikes!

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