October 12, 2011

Wednesday Form: Down to Earth

Tuesday Night Crew doin’ their thing. Break it down!
Wed. CrossFitters Ambitious Skills Day:
A) Warm Up: Tabata Spin, Squat Progressions while you wait (ie, some folks on bikes, some on squats, then switch)
B) WOD: Fight Style (3x, 3 min rd, 1 min rest)
3 Manmakers, 6 Slam Ball, 9 Lunge Steps
C) Skills: 5 rds
5 SDHP, 5 Dips (deep rings or bench), 5 KTE

Wednesday Form: Watch the following clip. I’ll tell you why this is IMPRESSIVE…5th round of the Attitude Adjustment. You tell us why it’s PROPER…can you even tell what exercise it is?  Post to comments.
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    Bob F October 12, 2011 Reply

    I say KB swings. Proper because of the feet. Staying flat on the ground with a slight rock heel to toe.

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    Gretch October 12, 2011 Reply

    KB swings or push press. Body weight stays back on the heels and drives through to move the weight. I can tell by the trajectory of the sweat to the floor 😉

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    Jan October 12, 2011 Reply

    I’m going to say OH swing. That double shin hitch-jerk motion looks like what it feels like when you go heavy overhead. He drives through the heels to counterbalance himself against the pendulum of weight out in front. Now I wanna grab a kettlebell, even if that’s not what he’s doing!!! Holy sweat dripping, Batman. Guilty as charged JJ.

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      wicasa yatapika October 13, 2011 Reply

      It is amazing (even to me) to witness how much sweat comes off during intense exercise…dang…one could become “beef jerky” in no time if they continued on down that path!

      and yes…that was a 54lb OH KB SWING…and that will fetch you around! Dang!

      I never even knew that MD was in the general vincinity, let alone video taping JJ! Yikes!

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        Jan October 13, 2011 Reply

        Talking about yourself in the 3rd person – couldn’t resist!!! mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa.

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    Matt October 13, 2011 Reply

    When you finished WallBall I said…”I’m gonna viddy your heels.” And you looked at me…or should I say “through me”…Rd 5 of the Att. Adj!

    Anyway, you are all correct. The importance of heels is to create efficient energy. Notice in the viddy…when the bell is down and heels are anchored…the energy is straight from the ankle up…none wasted at all. You actually see the toes RAISE slightly! You can sense the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder energy path…efficient and smooth.

    Then picture if he came up on his toes more…less efficient, less power, less sweat!

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