January 19, 2011

Wednesday Form: Double Under

“The jump in an efficient double-under is almost indistinguishable from a single-under.” (, 1/5/11, click date to see pic of exaggerated jump).

  • Sam Scaffidi January 19, 2011 Reply

    A challenge for my CF friends: 100kb swings 3x a week, watch your time drop fast, forearm/hip/core strength improve, and an ass kicking in ~3.5 min or less!

    • matt January 19, 2011 Reply

      I can attest to and second that motion.

      • Sam Scaffidi January 19, 2011 Reply

        Also, if you haven’t yet, get a copy of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body, some great tips and awesome info!

        Miss you all- Hope you’re crushing it!

  • Bob F January 19, 2011 Reply

    By far this is my worst CF exercise. One of my 2011 goals is to be able to knock out consecutive double-unders. Here is a good video for those also looking to improve.

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