October 17, 2012

Wednesday: Form… Deadlift

A proper deadlift is dependent on proper form.

Setup: Weight in heels, butt back, head neutral, lumbar curve intact and locked in, shoulders slightly in front of the bar, bar close to shins if not touching.  Grip the bar just outside the knees

Execution: Drive through the heels, extend legs while hips and shoulders rise at the same rate.  Once the bar passes the knees, the hips open allowing full extension.

Common faults include loss of lumbar curve, weight not in heels, hip rise before chest (aka stiff legged deadlift, which is ok if that is your goal), bar travels around knees.  Your knees must straighten / get out of the way before the bar gets there!  The same goes for the descent – knees may only bend after the bar has traveled past them.


Getting a taste of it all: KB swings, lunges, med balls, weighted situps, hand walks, and 8-counts oh my!


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