July 11, 2012

Wednesday Form: Correct II

You can review the vid of lifts demo-ed by EE here.

3 other exercises

Box Jump: 2 footed jump, land box, hip extension on box, jump or step down. Even if jumping high…a drop step means “no rep” (a running start means “really no rep”)

Swing: heels, shins straight, bell through high, flat back, accelerate/float bell (ie, not a squat with front raise; if you can slowly lift the bell with your arms/shoulders, then it’s too light).

Wall Ball: a2g (hammies meet calves), ball high on chest (strong lower back), aggressive extension (coming up on toes). Stopping butt above knee…no rep. Dropping ball to thighs…naughty!

Continue practicing (a few minutes before class) those things at which you are not proficient…lifting, stretching, swinging, kipping, jump roping…these dragonslayers are ready for Hero Week, are you?!!!

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    Wicasa Yatapika July 11, 2012 Reply

    Nice video, great form Phreaks!!! Hah!!

    Now to something on the serious side…

    With Hero Week around the corner it’s once again time to remind folks of the danger of developing rhabdomyolysis. The key symptom is low-volume, syrup-like, dark urine that looks like coca-cola. Other symptoms are severe, or incapacitating muscle pain, and elevated levels of creatine kinase (CK) in the blood. And with some recent research done on NSAID’s adverse effects on athletes there is some well documented advice you all may want to heed…

    NSAID’s reduce blood flow to the kidneys and exercise enhances this effect. NSAID’s also interfere with the body’s ability to hydrate properly. They also have been shown to reduce muscle growth, impair recovery, decrease the breaking strength of tendons, ligaments, and the load-to-failure of bone-tendon junctions, impair the healing of cartilage and bone fractures.

    NSAID’s include Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Excedrin) and Aspirin.

    If you get injured the best treatment is still ICE!! Ice works by a different mechanism than NSAID’s. By temporarily cooling the injured tissue inflammation is reduced thereby flushing the wound. Ice will also produce an increase in blood supply at the injury site which further helps to flush the area and improve the healing rate.

    Using NSAID’s when hydration is a concern increases the risk of problems occurring. The combination of NSAID’s, dehydration, and strenuous exercise is the Perfect Storm for RHABDO!!! All strenuous exercise causes some degree of muscle damage. During Hero Week this is accentuated, and the possibility of large amounts of a protein called myoglobin from damaged muscle tissue flooding the blood stream to be filtered by the kidneys along with dehydration can greatly increase the risk of developing RHABDO. And if you happen to be downing large doses of NSAID’s your risk is even higher!!

    Stay hydrated, (water clear urine), get proper rest, use ice not NSAID’s and use common sense…First Rule of Hero Week…Don’t get FU#*ING RHABDO!!!!

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