August 15, 2012

Wednesday Form: Basically…

Sure…there are some basics.  The ability to put the body in a basic, safe, powerful position. Like a basic squat, pull, swing, press. But basically, after that, the thing people want and need is FUN. And the basic consensus is that Corps Fitness is fun! Evidenced by 30-70 people at CF doing a high-intensity workout…and it works…for everyone. And CF has encouraged that for years! As I sift through HW pics to upload at smugmug, I marvel at how you all make the workout work…and it’s putting “fun” first that creates that success! In fact, the Xfit nation now acknowledges this basic need that people have…
“I’ve found guys who don’t have any clients…because they’re no fun. But, ah, very often the complaints about quality are coming from a guy with no clients…and his complaints are about a gym down the road that is packed…and so I hear him out and I’m like ‘Gosh, this guy’s kinda a dick, ya know.’ And I go down the street and it’s like ‘Hey these people are cool…we’re having fun here.” Now could I hang out and watch someone pull with their arms on a clean or maybe round their back a little on a deadlift? Sure. But I can find that anywhere.” (G. Glassman, Myth of the Boogieman, Copenhagen)


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