July 10, 2013

Wednesday Form – Back to the Basics

Fill in the blanks regarding proper squatting form:

1. Weight should be in the                  at all times.

2. Knees track                 the toes.

3. Keep the              up and                back.

4. Maintain                 curve at all times.

5. Proper squat depth requires the crease of the hip to travel                   the level of the knee.

07.10.13_2 07.10.13_1

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    hoov July 11, 2013 Reply

    1) Heels 2) over the toes 3) chin, head 4)lumbar 5) and slightly below.

    For those that are tall # 4 can be a challenge. Some people are good at going much deeper into the sqaut too.

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    Jan July 12, 2013 Reply

    Is this a Mad Lib? Those are the only fill-in-the-blanks I’m capable of these days!! 🙂

    Good on ya, Hoov!

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