May 16, 2012

Wednesday Form: Ass laminate?

From “Protect your Scrotch: Episode 82“, Kelly Starrett’s phrase to describe what happens to the backside from sitting many hours of the day, “Because we try to load our hip extensors first in movement, these areas tend to get glued down. To add to this, the fact is that we basically make our posterior chain musculature into a big “ass laminate” everyday during seated positions.”

Think of it that way…if I don’t have rippled muscles ready to extend/contract on my backside…if I have “ass-laminate” then it’s no wonder I have back pain! Today, relate back pain to tight hamstrings. (Of course back pain can have many causes, see a physician if you have severe back pain).

In short, tight hamstrings pull down on the hips (esp. in a squat) and make the person lose the lumbar curve. Over time, they start loading the lower back to compensate…back pain.
Read here at Xfit Santa  Rosa.

Search (Starrett’s blog)

Or watch these clips on Muscles of the Pelvis, PNF Stretching, Hamstring Assessment from the CrossFit main site.

Or read this fine .pdf article Hamstrung from Starrett (at

Whatever you do…unlock the backside (whether hip or shoulder) for better (and pain free) performance.

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    Wicasa Yatapika May 16, 2012 Reply

    The PNF Stretching we used to do quite often at the end of a CF class, but it’s been along time…it might be a good one to bring back. I know we did it a lot when I was still at Arrow Intl. My hamstrings are tight on most days…just a thought….

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