May 23, 2012

Wednesday Form: Are you serious?

Serious about your cool-down?

Repost of the research on the importance of the “cool down” for clearing out lactic acid…yes, core mobilization exercises as cool down. In our group fitness context, we cool-down together with some core exercises and light stretching, but remember, the cool-down is very personal…after that time, feel free to do your own routine.

So, the cool down time is important for all types of physiological changes. But it’s also a critical psychological time…just reflect, relax, find your Zen (for others trying to do that, keep the chit-chat down).

The cool-down time might be the most important part of your fitness program. What? But I thought blowing out big HR and trying to fly heavy loads was the goal? Indeed-y-do…but without the adaptation (mobility-position-movement-performance chain)…all that other stuff doesn’t matter. Without cooling out the shoulders, is it a wonder the OH squat is still difficult? Without cooling out the hips, is it a wonder Swings are still a challenge? Technique, consistency…then intensity.

Kelly Starrett breaks that all down here (from about :50-1:20 is the gravy). Stay loose!

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    Wicasa Yatapika May 25, 2012 Reply

    This is so true, I know from my experience doing multi-hour mtb rides, if I take the time to stretch for a good 5-10 minutes after my rides my legs do not feel as heavy and full of lactic acid the next day. I am really getting diligent about doing it, because when I do not I absolutely “feel” the difference!!

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