March 20, 2013

Wednesday Form – Are Kips ‘Cheating’?

Chances are you’ve heard someone, at least once in your life, say that unless you’re doing a strict dead-hang pull-up, you’re cheating or not doing a ‘real’ pull-up.  And if a workout specifically calls for dead-hang pull-ups then there may be an argument there.  However, if the goal is to get your chin over the bar and maintain a high level of intensity during your workout, kips win hands-down.  A kip pull-up is a much more full-body exercise than a dead-hang and requires significantly more coordination (and some might argue more skill…).


03.20.13_1 03.20.13_3There’s been a lot of activity at the smokehouse this month!  Keep working those kips!  Test-out week is March 31-April 6th.

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    Matt March 21, 2013 Reply

    That old mentality of “lifting weights” is hard to break through. But for the “strength” people…it works….slow and heavy.

    But for me, I still can’t believe people go to gyms, lift weights…who does that? As a power and intensity person, a real workout requires Chris yelling ’30 seconds starts now’ and ‘no walking’!!

    BTW, another point of form from this post. From the KB perspective, look at pic 1. Green shirt, neutral wrists, tight grip, 12oclock, bell TRAILS hands. Pink shirt, neutral wrists, loose grip, 12oclock, bell AHEAD of hands. That’s a bit dangerous, and won’t develop critical grip strength. Just as a point of form.

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    hoov March 21, 2013 Reply

    A few other items never called out at a global gym either. Check out the 3/21 crossfit post, then take a look at the white board in the background

    NO spitting or blowing snot rockets inside
    “I CANT” = 10 BURPEES
    Argue with the coach = 10 BURPEES

    Whole new meaning on keeping your mouth and nose shut, yikes!!

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    Matt March 21, 2013 Reply

    I don’t much worry about burpees for me…that’s child’s play…the zen of not f%#@king up is “you screw up, and everyone else pays.” That’s why CF is an entirely (and by my preference…better) animal.

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    Scott March 21, 2013 Reply

    Argue with the coach! What’s that?

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    Gretch March 21, 2013 Reply

    it’s all about respect and accountability… to me, that’s the core of CF and what sets it apart!

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