March 13, 2013

Wednesday Form, and Reminder!

Did you enjoy that week of old-school Corps Fitness workouts back in January?  Were you introduced to something that was so old-school you didn’t even know about it (group step-ups, anyone?)??  ((Just imagine doing them on a picnic bench; there were no adjustable Reebok steps in those days!  Ouch!))

Well then you are going to LOVE the workouts coming up Thursday through Sunday this week (3/14-3/17), where we’re going back to our old-school Stone House / Happy Hollow / Gring’s Mill roots and digging up some more oldies but goodies.  Come on out and learn more new moves, formats, or maybe just experience a little CF nostalgia…  It all starts tomorrow, and we want you there!



This week’s form concentration is a continuation of kipping pull-ups.  A lot of people have been working on these, and the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice!  Give that smokehouse a workout of its own!  We’ve already seen a lot of improvement, so keep up the good work.  Test-out week will be the first week in April so we have a full month of kip work from start to finish.  In the end, it may seem to be all about getting over the bar, but there are so many incremental ways to improve your pull-ups!  Think grip strength (KBs, quick step, bar hang), upper body work (negative chin-ups or pull-ups, push-ups, ring rows), lower body work (lunges, squats), ab work… the list goes on and it all comes in to play here!

Here is a video of the pre-kip swing using a box to stabilize your feet

And another video of the full progression starting with the jump pull-up / swing (up to the 4:00 mark is a good starting point)

Next up, check out this video of Step 1 of the kip progression on the bar

And last but not least is this video on step 2 of the kip progression – turning the hips over / the kick

More next week!  Keep up the good work!


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    Matt March 13, 2013 Reply

    Tuesday 3-peat beatdown…a perfect warm up for 4 days of CF fun!

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    Jan March 13, 2013 Reply

    Ahhh, 4 days of CF in a row. Could there be anything more magical? Well, maybe a couple things… but not many!

    Great vids for learning the kip, G! That last one shows a lot of cool techniques to help breakdown the points of motion. The vid that I used to pause-play-pause-play ad infinitum is this one, with Glassman talking about the transfer of energy from horizontal to vertical. (The girl with the black baseball cap at :44 was my video mentor. She’s efficient!)

    “Working as a whole, it is a gateway athletically to a ton of other hip-upper body coordinations.” – Glassman

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    Nat March 17, 2013 Reply

    How about the group step-up on the bleachers at Body Zone – Remember Friday mornings on the turf? Back when Weesa was afraid to join us 🙂
    Who would have thought?

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