May 15, 2013

Wednesday Form: A Three Hour………Plank?

A 55-year-old Marine recently held a plank for more than 3 hours.  According to the article, rules included:

*He needed to have four points of contact—both arms and both feet—at all times.
*There could not ever be any “daylight” from the wrist to elbow. Although he could shift his weight, Hood could not lift his arms from the ground at any point.
*His hands could not touch one another.
*His legs had to be straight.
*His back had to be straight, with no arch or dip.

And you thought 2 minutes was tough!

photo 3(4)

Sgt. Kaag keeping time for Carter as little C puts on his first class


photo 1(5)

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    Hoov May 16, 2013 Reply

    That is phreakishly bad ass!! One could learn a lot from this guy. Yikes!!!

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