December 14, 2011

Wednesday Form: A simple recipe.


Hoov loaned me some “old” bodybuilding books (circa late ’80s). What’s new isn’t better and what’s better isn’t new. As usual.

The suggestions for adding mass and isolated muscle movements aren’t necessarily up our alley…but the dietary focus is amazing…the past is prologue.

“Every sinew, every cell, every last bit of you comes from what you eat and the quality of your life and athletic achievement can be no better than the quality of that nourishment.” (B. Weider, IFBB Committee) Sounds exactly like the CF model with the bottom of the pyramid being Molecular.

“Since the technology of canning foods and milling grains was developed in the mid 19th century, the trend has been for processed foods–nutritionally altered foods–to make up an increasingly greater part of the American diet. We are learning, unfortunately, that the more processed foods we eat, the fewer nutrients we receive. It’s as simple as that.” (R. Kunin, Mega Nutrition)

Nice visual of good lines…notice arms and shins straight (knees back); notice the “triangle” created by torso, thigh and arm…well done!
We say “wait on it, patient” but should she be getting ready to catch that wallball?

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    SteveG December 14, 2011 Reply

    I think she had the med ball with the velcro on it and it stuck to the wall?

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    melissa December 14, 2011 Reply

    Therein lies all the answers to my mental deficiencies…hit too many times on the head w/ the med ball!

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    Kyle December 14, 2011 Reply

    You can’t use Jedi mind tricks to get our of an exercise! 🙂 Great picture!

    “These are not the medicine balls you were looking for”

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    Wicasa Yatapika December 14, 2011 Reply

    Everything really does happen at the molecular level, the microscopic world is a very different place than the macroscopic one. So different in fact that the same laws of physics do not apply to both…Newton’s Laws work quite well in the macro world of our everyday lives, but something magical happens when you get down to the micro world of atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons, the activity is much like a CF workout, things are rapidly changing shape, form, and energy levels, electrons can be here and they can be everywhere all at the same time…they can take one path and they can take every possible path…instantaneously! Pretty phreakin awesome! And yet we still have so much to understand. If you are keeping up with the goings on over at the Large Hadron Collidor, you may be hearing talk about the search for the so-called “God Particle”…it’s misunderstood, the original author wanted to call it, “The Goddamned Particle”…but as usual non-scientist types mucked up the works, the bottom line is they are looking for the particle that would complete the “Standard Model” the infamous Higgs Boson…the particle that allows everything in the Universe to have…MASS…HAH!!, So simple and yet so elusive…we CF Phreaks understand MASS, and that means quite simply, work hard, work efficient, intake the proper nutrients and presto…MASS, beauteous solid mass appears on the body and the fat just goes… and it goes just somewhere else…energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just changed from one form to another…Keep digging and watch the transformation happen…The Original and still the BEST Hero Week is fast approaching, it’s a chance to transform a week of your life into something truly SPECIAL!!! BRING IT!

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    Maria N. December 15, 2011 Reply

    “You are what you eat.”

    Is that over simplifying????

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