June 12, 2013

Wednesday Form

Jumping Pull-Ups:

Setup: Position yourself under the bar with a 45-degree bend in your elbows when you are standing straight.  Hold the bar with your palms turned away from you.

Execution: Jump up, pulling slightly with your arms to get your chest to the bar (chin over bar).  Push yourself back down to the box at the same speed as when you jumped towards the bar.  Land with soft knees and jump right back up.

Common faults: Using the arms too much, trying to do a dead-hang pull-up.  Setting up too low (straight arms when standing under bar).  Dropping from the top rather than pushing back to standing position.


Tues 5:30pm – Big Core Day!
– Pull-up holds
– T push-ups
– Crunch and punch
– B&T with KB high pull
Box lunge holds
*Dying Turtles
– MB rocket jumps fwd/bwd
– Alt DB raises with 1/4 turn
– Single leg/arm KB rows
– Dead Bugs
Bag punches.
*200/150 m sprint



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