June 5, 2013

Wednesday Form

Lunges… we do a lot of them, so it’s important to have good form (well, there’s never really a good time to have bad form).  Forward, backward, right side, left side, side to side, scissor…  the list goes on!

Form: Big step to the front (or to the back for backward lunges).  The front knee should stay behind the toes at all times, with your weight in the heel of your front foot.  The back knee should kiss the ground.  Chest should be out with head up, neck neutral.  Keep the core tight and hips level.

Common faults: Surrendering the lumbar curve (leaning forward, dropping head and chest), taking too small of a step and allowing front knee to carry past toes, not getting back knee down, dropping or twisting at the hips.

Concentrate on your form and be honest with yourself.  Are you burning through the station with good form, or just getting it done?  Slow it down, get solid form, and then pick it up from there!


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