July 2, 2014

We Be Slammin’

White shirt (R) – proper starting form. Van (L) – proper finishing form.

Ball slams, slam ball…  Regardless of what you call it, it’s all the same.  Let’s take a fresh how to properly perform this common exercise:

Proper CF Form on MB Slams is:
Start: MB on ground slightly in front of feet.  Feet shoulder-width apart.
Clean the ball from the ground, finishing straight overhead (use a soft MB or one of the green sand-filled MBs).
Drop your entire body weight out from under the ball (ball still overhead).  The feet should *almost* leave the ground.
Keeping the chest up, drop into a squat and slam the ball into the ground using the momentum of your body weight accelerating into the ground.
Finish: Proper squat position (chest up, hips back, weight in heels), MB on the ground.  If you’re using a fabric MB, it may bounce back up to chest level, in which case, continue upward to finish cleaning the ball overhead for another round!  IF you’re using the green sand-filled MB, start over with a new clean.

Common errors:
Bending at the waist before the body weight drops from under the ball.
Improper starting or finishing position.
Not meaning it (not slamming the MB to the ground).
Not even squatting / using all arms…  don’t get me started.

It’s not a MB drop or a MB fall to the ground.  Let’s put the SLAM back in ball slams!


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