February 11, 2015

Water Wednesday!

Are you getting your hydration in today?  Noticed any improvements?  Post your selfie to social media, tag Corps Fitness, and be entered in a drawing to win ONE FREE WEEK of classes! For more info: CLICK HERE


Also, this week’s rowing challenge is up on the board – have you been participating??  This is an on-your-own challenge: find time in your schedule to come in and try it out.  Check Sunday’s post for instructions and details on this week’s challenge.

**Please listen to your body and use common sense when choosing your water intake.  A gallon may or may not work for you.  The goal of this challenge is to raise self awareness about your own hydration levels and what’s healthy for you.**
**Make sure you’re getting a balance of electrolytes through your diet and fluid intake as well, especially when you’re flushing them out by sweating during a strenuous workout.**


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